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Around our school - School Tour

Picture 1 The front of our school
Picture 2 Part of our trim trail
Picture 3 Y1 role-play corner
Picture 4 Mrs Barr and Mrs Bateman's classroom
Picture 5 Miss Ryan's classroom
Picture 6 Foyer
Picture 7 Reception's Book Corner
Picture 8 Y1's new outdoor area
Picture 9 Reception's outdoor area
Picture 10 Reception's open area
Picture 11 Reception's open area
Picture 12 ICT suite
Picture 13 Y2's shared area
Picture 14 Y1's shared area
Picture 15 Y1's book corner
Picture 16 Reception playing on the main playground
Picture 17 Our seating area with storyteller's chair
Picture 18 Playground and trim trail
Picture 19 Playground
Picture 20 Playground