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At Sawtry Infant School, we aim for all children to develop a love of reading and to be secure in communicating their ideas through written and spoken language.


Our aims are for children:

- To develop a positive attitude and enthusiasm for English learning

- To express themselves clearly and confidently.

- To listen and ask questions appropriately

- To develop a love of reading

- To become independent and fluent readers

- To write for different purposes

- To take pride in their work, including the formation of letters


We teach English learning every day at different times. One daily lesson explores key texts and the vocabulary used in a range of books. Classes also hold Guided Reading sessions, Story Time, handwriting and Phonics lessons throughout the week. Please take a look below of how we plan and teach English learning.

English lessons

Our English learning is delivered as a unit of work which builds on children’s language and writing skills. A key text is chosen as the focus for the unit and children work together to act out or explore the story in Speaking and Listening activities. Then, the language and grammar in the focus book is explored and children practice using this in their own work. Finally, children will independently write their own text (in different genres) using the learning they have learned from their experience of the key text.


We use Monster Phonics at Sawtry Infant School as our daily Phonics lesson. You can find more information on how we use this here

Guided Reading

Guided Reading is an activity which is taught in all year groups. This is where a group of children, working at the same reading ability, share a Monster Phonics text with an adult. Each child has a copy of the same meaning that they can take turns in reading and listening to the story. A copy of this book is also sent home so that children can re-read and develop their fluency. This focus time allows for great discussions and encourages children to make inferences and predictions based on what they have read.

Story Time

Each class has a daily story time. This is where a story book is shared with the class by an adult. Classes also have this time to visit the school library and share a book there.


Our Handwriting lessons also follow our Monster Phonics programme. We spend time in each year group focusing on the correct formation of each letter, including where to start and end each letter correctly on the line.

Home Reading

We send home the Monster Phonics Guided Reading book so that children can re-read and develop their fluency independently. We also send home a child-chosen library book to encourage children to grow a love of reading. Please see the poster below for more information!

If you have any questions, please speak to your child’s class teacher or Mr Alletson (English Leader).