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Who's Who

Staff list and responsibilities:


Headteacher: Mrs Wheatley (Child Protection, Staff Development)


Deputy Head: Mrs McQueen  (Assessment, KS1 Curriculum, Child Protection, Maths, DT)


Foundation Stage teachers:

Mrs Dickens (Mon/Tue) (Early Years Leader - Wed)

Mrs Trace  (Mon/Tue)

Mrs Barlow (Wed/Thu/Fri) (Art) 

Mrs Newmarch (Wed/Thu/Fri)


Year One teachers:

Mr Alletson Year 1 leader

Miss Butcher

Mrs Barr  (Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu) (Science, Music)


Year Two teachers

Mrs Clarke Year 2 Leader (Mon/Wed)

Mrs Dyke (SENCO, RE)

Mrs Ashton


Higher Level Teaching Assistant, providing PPA cover:

Mrs Twine


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Baker, Mrs Brant, Mrs Byrne, Mrs Chapman, Miss Dhillon, Mrs Evans, Mrs Hedington, Mrs Hewitt,  Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Marsh, Ms Muggleton, Mrs Newmarch, Mrs Norman, Miss Randall, Mrs Reynolds and Mrs White


Sports Coach:

Mr Reid


Office Staff:

Mrs Lambert

Mrs Marsh



Mr Mason


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor:

Mrs Baxter


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Borgognoni, Mrs Hussey, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Meredith, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Whitaker


School Cleaner:

Mrs Newman