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Who's Who

Staff list and responsibilities:


Headteacher: Mrs Wheatley (Child Protection, Staff Development)


Deputy Head: Mrs McQueen  (Assessment, KS1 Curriculum, Child Protection, DT)


Foundation Stage teachers:

Mrs Dickens (Mon/Tue) (Early Years Leader - Wed)

Mrs Barlow (Wed/Thu/Fri) (Art) 

Miss Butcher


Year One teachers:

Mr Alletson Year 1 Leader (English)

Mrs Barr  (Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu) (Science, Music)


Year Two teachers

Mrs Clarke Year 2 Leader (Mon/Tue/Wed) (Maths)

Mrs Dyke (Wed/Thu/Fri) (SENCO, RE)

Mrs Ashton (ICT)

Mrs Trace (Mon/Tue/Wed)


Sports Coach:

Mr Reid


Higher Level Teaching Assistant, providing PPA cover:

Mrs Twine


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Byrne, Mrs Chapman, Miss Dhillon, Mrs Evans, Mrs Marsh, Ms Muggleton, Mrs Norman, Miss Randall, and Mrs White


Office Staff:

Mrs Lambert

Mrs Marsh



Mr Mason


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor:

Mrs Baxter


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Borgognoni, Mrs Hussey, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Meredith, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Whitaker


School Cleaner:

Mrs Newman